Eigen Analytics began as a marketing research project in 2009 and has developed into a group of people with various backgrounds - from marketing consultants, data analysts, to students from Harvard and MIT - working together to develop an advanced data mining system aimed at automating online marketing processes with a specific focus on catering the process to produce the highest quality leads. After a couple of years of hard work creating the system, the project got funding from several private investors and the name Eigen Analytics was born.

At Eigen Analytics, our goal is to establish business solutions based on solid science (math). To accomplish these goals, we study the most advanced methods, algorithms, and techniques available while doing our own research to bring these tools to the highest level of practical use. The systems and tools we developed focus on data-driven algorithms and we integrate them with our own artificial intelligence to automate the entire process. We look forward in continuing to take great efforts towards keeping our products at the highest quality.

Currently, our business is in three fields: lead generation, automatic online marketing, and enterprise data solutions; however, we are actively seeking partners for our lead generation business. If you are interested in any of our fields please email us by using the contact page.